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We can build you more than just a pretty picture....

Our past technical writing projects include User Guides and Technical Manuals for a robotic camera and radiological data telemetry system, a radiological area surveying system, and a Windows Help System for power plant operational data acquisition and display.


Professional Tools for Professional Results


Professional Tools

Adobe Creative Suite - Production Premium

3D for Free

Still and Animated Computer Graphics

Free Tools and Content for 3D Artists

Training Materials/Presentation Graphics

IMC Studios Computer Graphics include still images and technical writing for print, video production, large screen presentations and computer applications.   Image formats include Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator supported file formats.  Technical writing is performed using a proven data gathering and analysis technique and copy is delivered in Microsoft Word format for long term maintenance.

We specialize in complex technology illustration and technical writing, with award winning experience in nuclear power operations and events analysis. 

3D Graphics and Animation


The Angrodha attacks the Keep of Moonledge Peak.

Rionese Temple

"A Rionese Temple" - We Design and Create Full 3D Environments


IMC Studios uses industry-standard tools to create stunning 16.8 million color (True Color) animations that are just the thing when clients need imagery that will "stop them in their tracks" or when subjects involve complex moving elements. The shortcuts to the right will give you in-depth information about these tools.

We can deliver animation in several formats:

  • individual Targa frames for use with the codec of your choice on PC formatted media
  • compressed frames (.wmv, .rm, .mpg)
  • uncompressed frames (.avi)
  • video tape (Mini-DV)

For Game Developers, we can provide progression-mapped frame series allowing freedom of motion in the XYZ axes. We have experienced professional modelers on staff and support a wide range of third party, pre-built models.

Computer Animation Cost:

Rather than set a flat "per finished second" rate on our animation projects, we believe our clients are better served by bidding the project. A flat rate would necessarily be set based on the most difficult jobs, which could greatly overprice more simple projects. However, when estimating projects, keep in mind that the following parameters can significantly affect the price of the project:

  • Complexity and number of objects
  • Number of moving parts in an assembly
  • Number of elements moving simultaneously
  • Hierarchical relationships between moving object (Forward and Inverse Kinematics supported)
  • Compositing "live" and animated elements
  • Duration of the scene