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Here are a few examples of IMC Studios Video Albums:

Example Video Album

A Video Album - Photos in Motion with Music!

Give us those old photographs from under your bed or your digital photographs to create a video complete with digital effects and music. A keepsake you'll treasure for a lifetime!

Several distribution video formats to choose from, perfect for viewing on email, DVD players, computers and digital photo frames... the choice is yours!

Video Album Pricing

Video Album production Costs from original photos or digital photo files.

Number of Photos/Frames Approximate Video Length Price Additional Photos/Frames
1-35 3 to 5 minutes $75.00 1.75
36-75 8 to 10 minutes $125.00 1.50
76-150 12 to 15 minutes $215.00 1.25

Video Album prices include your choice of ONE of the following formats: MPEG, WMV, or DVD. MPEG and WMV files may be uploaded to our website for your download or we will burn them to a CD. DVD's are provided in an Amaray case with a printed insert.

Other Distribution Methods & Copies:

Methods and Copies Rates
Archive CD - We will add your digital photos, music files, and video files to CD for sharing and printing $10.00 each
DVD's Copies - Share the memories with family and friends. DVD format for DVD players and DVD ROMS $8.75 each
USB Flash Drive - Add your video file to a flash drive for quick and easy computer upload $25.00 each
SIM Card - Perfect for use with Digital Photo Frames! $25.00 each

Additional Video Album Services:

Customize your video beyond the basic package.

Video Album Services Rates
Text overlays - Add just the right caption to enhance each photo! $1.50 each
Photo Editing - Photo manipulation and restoration... bring those old photos alive! $50/hr
Download Music - For that must have special song... we can download it for you! TBD
Digital Audio - Audio recording and editing... a personal message or song for that extra touch! $60.00/hour
Digital Video - Add your video tape or video file. (15 min minimum charge) $60.00/hour

Tax not included. Prices subject to change.

Designing a Video Album

Just follow these simple instructions, bring photos, music and worksheet to Integrated Media Concepts and you will soon possess a custom made Video Album.

  1. Preparing Photographs
    1. Gather all the photograph that relate to the subject of your video
    2. Put your photographs an order that best tells you story (by family, time, place, organization, etc.).
    3. Place index cards between photographs where you would like a title page or message. Photographs and title pages are "framestores".
    4. Use yellow stickies and number the back of the photographs and index cards in consecutive order using a pencil. Yellow stickies make it easy to reorder pictures if necessary.
    5. If you need to insert a picture, just use a number and letter (like "3A" between "3" and "4").
  2. Planning Music
    1. Estimate 8 seconds of music for framestore to determine the approximate finished time of video. For example, 25 photographs and 5 title pages are 30 framestores. Eight seconds for each of the thirty framestores equals 240 seconds or 4 minutes of music required.
    2. Select music that complements the photographs and create the mood you wish to create for your video. Supply music on Compact Disc.
  3. Complete Worksheet
    1. In part one of the worksheet, print clearly the framestore number of each title and the exact wording of each corresponding title page.
    2. In part two of the worksheet, print clearly the framestore range corresponding with he record title, the artist's name and song title.
    3. In part three of the worksheet, print clearly the framestore number corresponding with any special directions for text overlays, cropping, graphic manipulation or voice over.

Video Album Worksheet (PDF Format)

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