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HUMAN is a very simple question and answer approach to isolating causal factors for human performance issues, but don't be fooled by the simplicity of the interface.  With very little effort, HUMAN can provide you with some very meaningful subjects to address with your workforce.


HUMAN is a product of IMC Studios, all rights reserved.


Special thanks to Steve Garchow for his invaluable mentoring.

John Montgomery was certified as a Human Performance Evaluator by the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations in Atlanta in 1989.

A leader in the field, Mr. Montgomery has taught hundreds of human performance evaluators across the country.

John Montgomery was awarded the Peak Performer Award by Entergy Operations, Inc. in 1991 for his success in bringing about real change in Human Performance Evaluation.

In recognition of his efforts in the field, Mr. Montgomery was made part of the Sloan School of Management's Board on Human Performance, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

HUMAN is the next natural extension of his award winning implementation of INPO's Human Performance Enhancement System.

Support - HUMAN

HUMAN is our structured analysis method for evaluating human performance issues.

Before you begin using HUMAN, isolate the human action in question from other events in an event chain which resulted in an undesired outcome.  

Generally speaking the "inappropriate action" should be stated as simply as possible, e.g., "The operator turned Switch X rather than Switch Y", or even more to the point "The operator turned Switch X".  Keep it a simple "subject, verb and predicate", and you'll better be prepared to address the action with HUMAN.  If you feel like you need much more verbiage than that, what you're probably doing is combining multiple actions together.  This WILL muddy the water.  Take the time to break them down into single actions and use HUMAN to evaluate each one.  With a little practice, you'll find HUMAN extremely easy to use and very productive.

Answer the questions HUMAN proposes in regard to that SPECIFIC action to determine the underlying Causal Factors categories.

Once the categories are determined, HUMAN will propose the individual causal factors.  Definitions are available for each factor.

Remember, conventional wisdom holds that several causes or "causal factors" combine to produce the inappropriate human action or allow it to propagate to consequence.  Beware the tendency to find a single "root cause".  It is most probable that several causes factor together synergistically (hence the term "causal factor" versus "root cause").

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